At Jo Cowen Capital we make connections.

Our architectural expertise is matched by an in-depth knowledge of the London real estate market giving us a unique insight into all aspects of an investment opportunity. We serve both developers and investors, offering tailored introductions on both sides.  

How we work:

When developers come to us with a site, we analyse the risk and potential, maximise the opportunity, then source the funding.

Award-winning architect and Jo Cowen Capital director Jo-anne Cowen is a sought-after consultant among developers and property funds. Under the primary Jo Cowen Capital investment model, a developer will approach us with a site they have purchased. We conduct a full appraisal; offer massing and use analysis; advise on planning risk; make recommendations on site usage (residential, commercial, mixed use); then connect the developer with well-matched funding sources, taking into account scale, sector, location, cycle length, and returns.

As planning architects, we are in a unique position to assess risk, particularly in the area of planning. Our partner firm Jo Cowen Architects are known for their close connection to local politics and in-depth knowledge of planning patterns in primary London boroughs. 



rectory grove

We also source and acquire sites for development and match these with
developers and funding sources.

Our partner firm, Jo Cowen Architects, is a multi-dimensional residential, commercial, and mixed use architecture practice in central London. As such, we often come across sites at inception, prime for development before they scatter across the wider market.

When we acquire a site for development, we conduct a full-scale appraisal before introducing the site to a developer often with integrated funding sources (see Case Studies)

Jo Cowen Capital also works alongside a number of site finders, assessing an array of sites, massing out options, discarding those that are un-viable and pairing them with developers and investors. This as such further sets us apart from other capital introductory platforms.